Artificial Intelligence Vision

A modern platform for Visual Recongnition API

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Customized Solution

Your very own visual recognizer with user uploaded images


User Experience Focused

Using the modern AI-powered visual recognition engine, upload an image and recognition result is returned.


Easy to work with

Web based API communication for easy integration to application

Work Flow

Learn How to Build Customized Recognizer
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First Step in Building Your Smart Recognizer

Collect Dataclose

Data Collection is the first step in building a customized visual recognizer

  • Using our application to upload tagged image to cloud
  • Verify the tagged image
  • We will train the recognizer
  • Evaluate

    Testing Out Freshly Trained Recognizer

    Evaluate Modelclose

    Trying out trained model from collected data

  • Using our application to evaluate
  • More Data Collection if needed
  • We will retrain the recognizer
  • Deploy

    Deploy Recognizer to the Cloud Effortlessly

    Deploy Recognizerclose

    Satisfied with the Recognizer?

    Deploy to Cloud

  • Connect via Internet to APIs
  • We maintain the service for you
  • Connect

    Connect And Start Using the Recognizer

    Connect Recognizerclose

    Using with confidence

    Anytime, Anywhere

  • Connect via Internet to APIs
  • Support Multiple Devices
  • Cross Platform
  • Pricing

    Competitive Pricing For All User
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    • 1,000 Category of real life objects
    • Free
    • 1,000 operations / month


    • 1,000 Category of real life objects
    • 10 USD / month or 100 USD / year
    • 10,000 operations / month + extra 5 USD per 1,000 operations


    • Contact Xylorix for customized solution